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Journaling Prompt #25 – Get Inspired By The Fall And Shed YOUR Leaves

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008
the parade of autumn begins today
Image by Brian Hathcock via Flickr

The fall is a beautiful and colorful season. The leaves are turning a thousand shades of yellow and red and finally scattering around, getting blown by the wind of change. The trees are shedding their old leaves and getting ready to wear a new glorious foliage. You should do that to. Throw away your old “leaves” and make room for a new glorious coat.

For this week’s journaling prompt I ask you to list the leaves in your life that you would like to shed.

There are a few types of leaves you might consider to shed, hence several lists you might benefit from compiling:

  1. Memories. Some memories are important and should not be forgotten. Saying that, most negative or traumatic memories should be eliminated, as they are only weighing down on you. Make a list of all the traumatic memories you’d rather forget, then shred this list and make sure to shred your memories along with it (As far as it is possible for you. I would never assume it can be carried out in full and it’s definitely not going to be easy).
  2. Outlooks and tendencies. We all have lots of these poisoning thoughts and negative tendencies running around: self bashing, taking things personally, over analyzing, etc. Make a list of all of the outlooks and tendencies you’d like to shed out of your life.
  3. Frenemies. Do you have a friend that can be confused as an enemy? Do you hang out with someone that constantly makes you feel bad about yourself, your life or your friend’s negativity? This is the time to reconsider your friendship and make more time for your soul-mates.
  4. Material excess. List all the stuff that are cluttering your house and making your life more difficult. Strive for simplicity and make room for your new “coat” – make room for your life. While your at it, why don’t you try and think of a better home for each of the excess items and write it down next to it on the list.

After compiling these lists, you have already completed your first step towards a glorious new life.

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Do you have other list ideas? What is the first thing you’d like to shed from your life? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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