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Journaling Prompt – Give Thanks To A Complete Stranger

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009
A Complete Stranger
[Photo by: Derrick Tyson]

A week before American Thanksgiving lets try to remember together the kind strangers in our lives and give them thanks.

Think about all the faceless people around you. People you have seen once, never before and probably never again.

Think about the person who stood before you inline and after one glance at your stressed expression, or nagging child, gave you his place in the queue.

Think about the person who made you smile while you were upset, without even knowing.

It doesn’t have to be a recent encounter, either. It can be a person you had stumbled upon long ago but you can still remember his random act of kindness or the lesson you have learned from him while your lives had briefly brushed against each other’s.

Now, open your journal and write.

Document your chance meeting and what you have gotten out of it. Write down how the stranger has enriched you, even if just momentarily and express your sincere gratitude.

Start a gratitude journal and register these random acts of kindness regularly. Don’t constrain your thanks giving to your near environment, remember the strangers in your life too.

After all, every one we come across makes a dent in our life, leaves an impression and these accumulated marks are part of what makes us ourselves.


Which stranger would you like to thank and why, participate in the discussion by leaving a comment on this post.

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