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Inspiration Prompt – Embrace Your Creativity

Monday, March 2nd, 2009
Embrace Creativity
[Photo by: alicepopkorn]

Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of: Eat, Pray, Love is talking about the basic fear every creative soul is stricken by. The fear of not being good enough. Not living up to your own success or expectations. In her talk, she is not only talking about the problem but also offers a solution.

Gilbert’s solution appeals to me so much, that I felt I had to share it in this week’s inspiration prompt. Gilbert is taking us back to the ancient Greek and Roman times, where “creativity” and “genius” were not considered human qualities but rather a glimpse of divine entities.

Embracing creativity and accepting your genius is not only humbling, as Gilbert explains, but also a great tool to take the fear and self criticism away and get focused on doing the job. Writing. Painting. Dancing.

I absolutely LOVE this idea.

Watch Elizabeth Gilbert talk and get charmed and fascinated:

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