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Journaling Prompt – Capture An Unforgettable Moment With Words

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009
A picture I did not take
[Photo by: Kevin N. Murphy]

A while back I have stumbled upon an interesting blog by the photographer Michael David Murphy, called: Unphotographable. In this website Murphy writes about a bunch of unforgettable moments he has not had the chance to snap with his camera. He beautifully explains the idea here.

This idea of capturing snap-shots of life and experiences with words is tremendously appealing to me. As I see it there are two main reasons for capturing moments with words:

  1. Commemoration. The camera is not always there when we need it. There are so many treasured moments we will never-ever want to forget, which are passing by us when we are unprepared or just cameraless. Using words is the best way to insure that all those moments are perpetuated.
  2. Elaboration. A camera is a marvelous tool with which you can hold back time and reminisce. Many times a picture is really better then a thousand words, but sometimes the words can add so much more value. Words can convey feelings, background, secrets or a different outlook, details that cannot always get communicated by the photo itself.

For this week’s journaling prompt try to capture with words an unforgettable moment in time you have not had the chance to snap with your camera.

I recommend to make a habit out of “snap-shooting” moments of your life in writing. Make an “unphotographable” journal and keep it in your pocket or your handbag. Start each entry with the words: “This is a picture I did not take of…”

My take:

This a picture I did not take of my nephew approaching my husband (then fiance) and caressing his chin softly with his whitish little hands, his sheepish eyes are looking down and with a slightly shaken voice he’s asking ‘how are you?’.

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