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A quick Spike Of Creativity

April 8th, 2010 by Avital

I have recently received an e-mail from Emma Taylor of Accreditedonlinecolleges.com.

She has graciously sent me a link to an article on her website: “25 Talks to Ignite & Unleash Your Creativity“.

This article offers many sources of fire to ignite your smoldering creativity.

You may like to take a look 🙂

Unleashing The Creative Child Within You
Back when we were kids creativity came naturally to us. Everything was possible and our prolific imagination was the only limit we knew.
Through the years we have grown apart from our inner creative child and along with that – have lost our pristine and utter joy of creation.

In this e-book I will pave your way back to your inner creative child, brick by brick.

“Unleashing The Creative Child Within You” will explain why you became distant from your core creativity and will reveal the secret to getting it back.
With exercises designed specifically to help you find the inner child within you, regain its confidence and unleash it – you are bound to get your mojo back faster than you think.

Your inner creative child wants to come out and play, so don’t disappoint it and get “Unleashing The Creative Child Within You“.


2 Comments to “A quick Spike Of Creativity”

  1. Aimeslee says:

    Great article, thanks! xoxo

  2. mia pratt says:

    I am so pleased to see this book about unleashing the creative child within you, because I was a creative child, and now I’m a creative adult. I’m a 54 year old woman now and I’ve spent my life as a dancer, artist, author and adventuress, because my mother encouraged me from an early age to be a “creative being.” Tonight I’m sitting under the stars in a place called Ajijic, Mexico. I have spent several months living in thatched hut in a Nahua Indian village, and then I traveled to Mexico City, San Miguel, and now Ajijic, all the while writing, painting and finding inspiration in the wonderful people I meet. I also wrote a book about creativity, called “The Secrets of the 100 Golden Keys: Unlock the Power of Your Creativity and Set Your Life on Fire! I’d love to hear from other “creative beings,” it gets lonesome way out here in the world by myself, I’d love to hear from you. If I could share one thing I have leaned in my adventures and my life as a creative being, it would be that the most important creative project in the world, is to create our own happy lives – free of the limitations and disappointments of the past. We can use our creativity to do that – to re-create ourselves as brand new beings. But enough abut that! Drop me a note at my website, http://www.100goldenkeys.com, yor ou can also say hello on my blog, http://blog.miapratt.com. I’d love to hear from you!