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Be You – A Blast From The Past

November 1st, 2010 by Avital

Be You

[Fonts: Adler and Halo Handletter; Digital Kits: mostly “Be You” and the white stitches are from Digi Essentials Elements – all by Karla Dudley.]

Journaling Prompt

Karla Dudley’s new collection Be You has inspired me to look for a picture that can showcase who am I.

I do not have that many pictures of myself, as I am mostly on the other side of the camera… (not such a good idea) but I still have a few laying around. The pictures I have are from different times in my life, so they made me thinking of people and who they are.

People change all the time. They change physically, emotionally, professionally, romantically and in many other ways too.

However, even after a person changes he still carries around with him some of what he was before.

I am not different. I carry with me lots of bits and pieces of what I have been in my life time.

I carry with me an obsession for reading that my 5 year-old self sparked when she started reading on her own.

I carry with me the resilience of my 6 year-old self who overcame a serious illness.

I carry with me passion for fashion and design from my 11 year-old self who wanted to be a fashion designer and draw different outfits relentlessly.

I carry with me the love of writing that my 15 year-old self used when she won two writing competitions.

I carry with me the leadership and responsibility of my 17 year-old self who was the head of her school’s student body.

I carry with me the fear of war and redundant hatred from when my 18 year-old self survived an atrocious murder but my best friend’s sister didn’t.

I carry with me the sense of accomplishment of my 24 year-old self who got her license to practice law after 4 years at the university and a year as an intern.

I carry with me a strong moral campus I got from my 25 year-old self who sought truth and justice and was willing to work 60-hour weeks, sometimes 76… to get it.

I carry with me the joy of tying the knot with my one and only true love, my husband Nadav.

I carry with me the adventurousness of my 27 year-old self who left everything and moved abroad with her husband of 3 months.

I carry with me the ability to cope and adjust from my 28 year-old self who had moved again to another country in another continent, even farther away from home.

I carry with me bits and pieces from every day I have lived on earth and every bit and every piece is making me who I am today.


What are you carrying with you from your old self? Share by leaving a comment.

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4 Comments to “Be You – A Blast From The Past”

  1. Amy says:

    Karla’s kit is amazing. And totally love the journaling you used and mentality of making the page for yourself.
    I was completely inspired to capture a few of the every day moments of my daughter’s life with it. She’s totally is a blessing to me in every way. My son too, but in my daughter, I see the spark that I must have had in my own eye at her tender age and I just want to nurture it and be sure it never goes out.

    • Avital says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! I agree, Karla’s kit is amazing and I was really touched by what you said about capturing your daughter’s everyday and the spark that you see in her eyes and recognize in yourself from years past. That is beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful page and profound journaling Avital!
    I love your ability to capture the essence of an idea and make it universal!
    BRAVO 😉 and THANK YOU ~