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Gate Fold Thank You Card – Because You Care

March 24th, 2010 by Avital

Thank You Card

I caved in. I admit it.

I thought a scoring board is redundant. Unnecessary.

But I bought one anyway…

…and i LOVE it!!!

When I buy new patterned paper, I usually store it immediately in my very own papers’ necropolis. However, when I buy new tools – I usually try them right away (sometimes they’re getting buried too). Same happened here, as soon as I got Martha Stewart’s scoring board I had an urge to score me some cards – it was so easy, so addictive.

So here I am, living with a small stack of blank, prescored cards and not doing anything with them. For a couple day. Then came the epiphany – use a journaling label for the greeting!

Simple. Easy. Striking. (If you don’t mind me sayin’…)

Thank You Card

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Cut your cardstock base at 8½” by 5½”. Score at 2 1/8″ and at 6 3/8″.
  2. Cut 2 panels of patterned paper, 5½” by 2 1/8″ each. I used Cosmo Crickt’s 6″ by 6″ Material Girl paper pad.
  3. Adhere the above panels to the panels at the front of the card.
  4. To print on the journaling label, I first printed the greeting on a plain paper (Erika Ormig font, 60Pt.) Then I adhered the label with removable adhesive to the plain paper, on top of the greeting and ran it through the printer again. [This specific labels set will be posted on the blog on Friday, so stay tuned]
  5. I adhered the printed label on another piece of patterned paper from the same pad and cut around it, leaving a nice fat gap. I used Fiskars spring-action scissors for that. They are very easy to manipulate around the curves.
  6. I applied adhesive to only half of the greeting “tag” and adhered it to the left panel – centering it between the two panels.
  7. Then I stuck on a Prima flower and a pearl and called it a happy day.


Have you bought a cool tool lately? What is your favorite tool? Please share – I want to know 🙂

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12 Comments to “Gate Fold Thank You Card – Because You Care”

  1. Kathy says:


    I love your new card! Darling…AND I just printed some of these exact labels of yours out last nite and now I’m really ready to do a similar card hopefull tonight! I truly love the clean & simple style. Not just because it’s (can be) quicker, but I truly love it.

    You Rock!

    I’m finding it hard to find these printables, Do you sell them anywere? Between you & Shimelle I’m getting addicted! But i don’t do digital and it’s hard to find the pdf ones that i can print. I’m looking for something in the blue ledger lines with red stripe going down that i can print in at least card size (no bigger than 8×11).

    sorry to ramble
    thanks for all, Avital!

    • Avital says:

      You are not rambling at all 🙂

      I am not selling these printables. I give them to my blog readers for free! [at least for the time being]

      There are many that are already posted and I’ll post this specific set on Friday and another cool one next week.

      Now, did you know you can use ANY kit (accept for a brush kit) with a plain word processing program? Just insert the png files and place them on the document and print away.

      If you are wondering how you can support Creativity Prompt… There are 2 ways: Either buy Creativity Prompt’s products (such as my e-book “Unleashing The Creative Child Within you” and my online workshop “Capture Your Dream”) OR you can buy your stuff through the links I provide, as some of the links (not all of them) are linked in a way that the store gives me a tiny percentage of the sale price.

      • Kathy says:

        Thanks for letting me know.!

        I did not know you could use the png files. i kinda watch for the ones that say you can print or pdf, so thank for enlightening me. I wish i had know last nite about your link. from now on i will go thru your link to buy shimelles printables. I saw your capture the dream & was interested but not sure how involved i wanted to get with it. i just signed up for my first online class and so far have not really participated much, tho i’m happy with what the class is. it’s been fun.

        I’m not sure what your ebook is but i will try to ck that out.

        Yes, i think i’ve downloaded & printed almost if not all of your freebies. that’s why I was asking if you sold any because i’d love to be a customer. but i will do what i can.

        and thanks for your help & time.

        • Avital says:

          You are VERY welcome and don’t feel obliged in any way. I am giving away all the printables with all my heart and no purchase (or support) is necessary 🙂

          I am happy when my readers are happy!

  2. Kathy says:


    I just noticed you were asking about a new tool, & i’m pretty sure you already have one, but I chuckled reading about your scoring tool because just about a week ago, (YES, just 1 week) I finally caved & bought the cropadile. I did not want to buy that big ugly heavy thing & then have to figure our how to work it when i already had hammer/setter from the ‘olden days’. and like you with your new tool, I love it! i will be doing more eyelets (after all i have a STASH) & mini books with it. It was fun!

    Jennifer McGuire is another fave of mine and I have slowly been buying some Ranger stuff and will need to get something going there.

    Take Care

  3. Aimeslee says:

    Good for you for “scoring” your new tool! winkwink And very pretty card too.

    I’ve had a full size Scor-Pal and a Scor-It mini for quite a while now. At first I bought both because I got a good deal and to see which was better. I think that the Scor-Pal is, based on using both, but I still use the mini from time to time when portability is the issue. I have found that the biggest single asset of these is that you get pretty close to a perfectly plumb and square fold on a card as opposed to just folding and using a bone folder on the crease, regardless of whether it’s a regular card or gate-fold or an asymetrical fold. xoxo

    • Avital says:

      Thanks for the review Aimeslee. That’s very good to know! I am a bit concerned about the size of the tool. I haven’t put it away yet 😉 It’s still on my table…

  4. Lovely Avital <3

  5. libeeti says:

    Avital, this card is so elegant! I love the simple&clean look.
    I must say I never thought this color combo can work out, but you’ve done it perfectly!
    Thanks for sharing your creations as well as all your freebies.
    I love to read your posts and I get a lot of learning and inspiring from it.
    Thank you!