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Give Yourself Permission To Live Out Loud

June 10th, 2010 by Avital

Living Out Loud

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Today I ask you to please:

Give yourself permission to reach for the rainbow.
Give yourself permission to dream big and aspire to make all your dreams come true.
Give yourself permission to climb mountains and run marathons and lie by the beach with a book.
Give yourself permission to love truly and unconditionally and utterly.
Give yourself permission to be loved, appreciated and even admired.
Give yourself permission to laugh until you are in tears.
Give yourself permission to cry your heart out and go through an entire box of tissues.
Give yourself permission to wear nice clothes, wear make up and do your hair, even if you stay at home.
Give yourself permission to go to work in your flip flops, no make up and feel beautiful.
Give yourself permission to make silly faces.
Give yourself permission to express your thoughts and ideas.

Give yourself permission to live out loud.

Because any other way of living is a waste of time.


What are you going to give yourself permission to do today? I urge you to share and hold yourself accountable to at least one token of loud living.

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3 Comments to “Give Yourself Permission To Live Out Loud”

  1. Hello Avital, love your l.o and the great contrast between the fun modern pictures and the more old fashioned papers!

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