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Swallow Life Without Chewing

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

Swallow Life Without Chewing

[Font: Label Impact (title) and my own handwriting; Digital Kit: Cypris by Karla Dudley.]

This time I decided to be a bit more playful and harnessed my trusty Wacom tablet to the job.

I wanted to create the feeling that, although I created this page digitally, it was actually a page out of an art journal.

Journaling reads

we decided to rule our own little world and make today truly and completely ours.

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Give Yourself Permission To Live Out Loud

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Living Out Loud

[Font:Adler; Digital Kits: KD Sun Kissed (patterned paper and accent flowers), KD Digi Essentials (stitches), KD Digi Essentials (alpha brushes) – all by Karla Dudley.]

Today I ask you to please:

Give yourself permission to reach for the rainbow.
Give yourself permission to dream big and aspire to make all your dreams come true.
Give yourself permission to climb mountains and run marathons and lie by the beach with a book.
Give yourself permission to love truly and unconditionally and utterly.
Give yourself permission to be loved, appreciated and even admired.
Give yourself permission to laugh until you are in tears.
Give yourself permission to cry your heart out and go through an entire box of tissues.
Give yourself permission to wear nice clothes, wear make up and do your hair, even if you stay at home.
Give yourself permission to go to work in your flip flops, no make up and feel beautiful.
Give yourself permission to make silly faces.
Give yourself permission to express your thoughts and ideas.

Give yourself permission to live out loud.

Because any other way of living is a waste of time.


What are you going to give yourself permission to do today? I urge you to share and hold yourself accountable to at least one token of loud living.

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Life Is all About Living

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Life Is All About Living

[Font: Morado Sharp; Digital Alpha Brushes: Digi Essentials 5 by Karla Dudley]

I often ponder what is life all about?

I am always looking for an extraordinary purpose or a “bigger than life” goal.

I usually get frustrated. I feel small. I feel weak.

Then I realize that life is all about living.

Life is not about reaching the landmark but about each and every step you take.

Life, at the moment is hectic and overwhelming and challenging.

I find it difficult do go to sleep because I feel like staying awake may freeze time.

I dread tomorrows.

Then I pause.

Take a deep breath.

And remind myself that life is all about living.

It is about enjoying the moment.
It is about appreciating everything I have.

Being grateful for my wonderful relationship with my husband.
Being thankful for my amazing family and awesome friends.

Life is all about living. Life is awesome.

So please bear with me…


What is life for you? Leave a comment and share.

What Makes Anything Magical – Journaling Prompt

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Uvas Park Layout

[Fonts: Jesse James, Tidy Hand, rough_typewriter; Textures: Shadowhouse Creations; Digital Kits: KD Artist In Me (background paper), KD Blakely (patterned paper – floral), KD Sylvy (patterned paper – aqua), KD Trina (patterned paper – dark red), KD Digi Essentials (stitches + masking tape), KD Digi Essentials 2 (butterflies) – all kits by Karla Dudley.]

As a child I could look at my parents’ modest living room and see a palace. I looked at my red shoes and imagined how they transport me to Oz. I saw a smiling face in the sun and I swear I could see a caring bear resting on a cloud… Everything seemed magical when I was a child.

Sometimes I try to dig deep and find that ability to make the ordinary seem (and actually be) magical.

Journaling Prompt

What is it that makes the ordinary special and the plain magical? Write it down.

My journaling reads:

How can a natural preserve become magical?
Add a couple friends you like hanging out with.
A husband you’re in love with and the perfect springy weather.

I also added character to my photo, by applying texture digitally. As you can see below, the changes are very subtle but add to the general ambiance:

Preview - original and textured

Digital Tip – How To Add Magic With Texture Using Photoshop Elements

To add texture to your photo, all you need to do is to add layers and play with the blending modes.

  • Download the high definition texture files (or take pictures of textured materials yourself). In this photo I used a few texture files by Shadowhouse Creations.
  • Open the texture photos and with the selection tool picked, drag them over to your original photo (make sure you save it under a different name). The textured file should appear as a layer above your original picture’s layer.
  • Resize the texture file so it covers your photo, by dragging the bounding box to place.
  • The texture should now cover your entire document.
  • Next, go to the blending modes drop menu. It is placed right above your layers view, left to the opacity levels and is ‘Normal’ by default.
    Play with the mode. Start with ‘Overlay’ or ‘Soft Light’ modes. See what happens…
  • Play with the opacity.
  • Add a solid color layer by clicking on the ‘adjustment level’ button and choosing ‘solid color’. Lower the opacity and see what happens.
  • Explore and have fun!

Are you feeling the magic yet?


How are you transforming the plain into magical? Share your thoughts by leaving a message.
Have you tried the texture technique? How did it work for you? Please let me know 🙂

Unleashing The Creative Child Within You

Do You Know An Angel – Journaling Prompt + How To Make Personal Digital Word Art

Monday, April 5th, 2010

not All Angels Wear Wings

[Digital Kits: KD Cardstock Essentials, KD Blakely & KD Capture + Record – All by Karla Dudley]

Do you know an angel?

I know one.

My angel has a pure heart and beaming eyes.

My angel only knows one feeling. My angel knows LOVE.

My angel doesn’t envy. My angel isn’t mad. My angel doesn’t compete. My angel doesn’t hurt. My angel doesn’t lie. My angel doesn’t swear. He NEVER does. Ever.

My angel doesn’t wear wings, does yours do?

[In this layout is my nephew Shoham, 9 years old.]

Digital Tip

I created the word art in this layout my self. This is how I did it:

  1. First, I wrote my words on a white paper with various pens (both plain black pens and black calligraphy pens).
  2. Next, I scanned my paper in high resolution (600 dpi) and saved it as a JPG file.
  3. Then I opened the file with my Photoshop Elements and cranked up the levels [ctr+L/CMD+L]. Turning the “black” dial all the way to the first peak and the mid-tones dial all the way to the black one. The effect you are looking for is to have all the black parts REALLY black and all the white parts REALLY white.
  4. Then I turned my background layer into a simple layer, by clicking on it twice and opened a new layer beneath it.
  5. I made sure that I am on the original layer and picked up all the white parts with the Quick Selection Tool. I then pressed “delete” and the transparent layer showed up where the white used to be. I picked each of the small cavities inside the letters (e.g. the O’s and A’s) individually and deleted these white parts too.
  6. Then I merged the two layers together (merge not simplify!) and saved the file as a PNG file to keep the transparent attributes.
  7. Once your text is on a transparent background, you can select each word and each letter individually with the selection tool and then adjust its height and width with the move tool.

Give it a try, it is so simple and it lets you inject some personality to the digital layout. No tablet is necessary!


Who is the angel in your life? share your thoughts by leaving a message.

Are you planning on giving the digital word art a try? If you do, please share your work with us.

Unleashing The Creative Child Within You

One Circle Widens and Another Narrows Down

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Living Room - Finally Finished
[Fonts: Vegur, Popsies; Digital Kits: Karla Dudley’s Capture + Record, Digi Essentials & Blakely]

I have been very fortunate in the last couple of weeks to meet a group of fantastic people to hang out and have loads of fun with.

One of the most difficult aspects of a relocation is starting afresh socially. You are displaced from the close group of friends you’ve been nurturing since childhood and get into a place where a tight circle of friends had already been formed. Pair with it natural shyness and a funny accent and suddenly your “play dates” are getting sparse.

Little by little we are widening our circle of friends here and our social calendar is getting full again. To “celebrate” the occasion we’ve decided to narrow down another circle – our apartment’s interior design.

When we got here we had to buy all the furniture at once and lost a lot of money by converting Euros to US Dollars. So we decided to lightly furnish the apartment with all the necessities and add on furnitures as the need arises…

Therefore on December 24th we rented a pick up truck, drove to IKEA in Palo-Alto and purchased the second sofa and some decorations. Thus, with a slight backache, our living room is finally finished 🙂


Have you narrowed down a circle in life as another one widened? Leave a comment and engage in the discussion.

Inspiration Prompt – Make Sure You Enjoy The Journey

Monday, September 21st, 2009
Enjoy The Journey
[Photo by: Nicholas]

I remember how I got so engrossed at work a couple years ago that I forgot what got me into law in the first place. All I saw was the lurking deadlines, the stress, the overwhelming responsibility and the two hands of the clock moving in a pace that seemed way faster than 60 seconds per minute.

I had to take a break. Go away from my desk, in the midst of chaos, take a walk and try to remember everything that I like about my job. In about 30 minutes I came back to my busy desk – psyched with enthusiasm and spiked with my reclaimed passion.

An hour later the pleadings I was working on were done. Maybe the best I have written throughout my career as a lawyer.

Not because I was better, smarter or my case was stronger – but because I concentrated on the process itself and enjoyed my journey. It shows!

For this week’s inspiration prompt I encourage you to take a moment and think about the process itself and to enjoy life’s journey as it wriggles in real time. Otherwise we may miss the whole point in life…

“Because of our routines we forget that life is an ongoing adventure. “
Maya Angelou


Share your thoughts about life’s journey by leaving a comment on this post. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Journaling Prompt – Answer The Most Profound Questions

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009
[Photo by: Jody McNary]

I have recently stumbled upon a fascinating quote by Richard Bach:

“The simplest questions are the most profound.

Where were you born?
Where is your home?
Where are you going?
What are you doing?

Think about these once in a while and watch your answers change.”

This quote appeals to me for two reasons:

  1. Its attribution to the most important things in life: your origin (roots), your plan and your actions towards it.
  2. Its attribution to the changes that appear as time goes by. Even the most profound aspects of life are affected by the passage of time.

Make use of Richard Bach’s brilliant observation and answer these questions in your journaling. Don’t forget to put a date on your journaling.

After a while go back to your answers and see if there’s any change. Record the change. Has anything remained the same?


What is your answer to these questions right now? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment on this post.
What other important aspects of life do you cherish? Do they change over time as well?

Can questions referring to the past, such as “where were you born”, really change over time? I’d love to hear your thoughts about it!

Inspiration Prompt – Live Life Actively and Powerfully

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Live Life Actively and PowerfullyMany times life happens so quickly that we feel like we just passively watch life goes by. We feel out of control and overwhelmed. We feel any action we may take will be a drop in the ocean, completely useless. We resign.

But that isn’t true my friends.

Taking control over life or letting life take control over us is a decision we make and not a state we get into.

We have full control. All we need is to empower ourselves to take control.

If we think we can do it than we will do it. If we think we are too weak, too small, too _____ [fill in the blank with a diminishing adjective] then we will keep on watching life goes by and remain unsatisfied and constantly disappointed.

Take a look at my niece (in the pink dress) taking control and ruling the dance floor. She doesn’t wait for permission. She doesn’t need dancing lessons. She does not need a title nor a degree. If she feels like dancing with complete and utter joy – she dances and sweeps everyone with her in a swirl of happiness.

We were all once like that. We were all once kids.

We were happy. We did not think about faith, destiny or ‘the rules’. We were not bothered by how things are supposed to be. We took control and lived actively and powerfully.

I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.

Stephen William Hawking

Just like looking before crossing the road, we can control any other step we take in life. The secret is to take one step at the time and take over the dance floor.


Do you feel like life goes by or do you take control and live actively? Share and leave a comment on this post.

Inspiration Prompt – Life Happens

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Me in Las Vegas - Life Happens I think that this life lesson fits perfectly with my two months absence form Creativity Prompt. No matter how well or how badly I plan – life happens eventually.

At first I wanted some time off so I can get ready for my first workshop “Capture Your Dream“. But even after the workshop started and went on fabulously, I still needed some more time to recollect my thoughts and find my focus again. In other words, life happened.

I will soon reopen the registration for the workshop, as a self-paced workshop and I am also going to reveal a few more workshops in the coming months.

In the meantime, Creativity Prompt will resume its regular schedule of an Inspiration Prompt each Monday, a Journaling Prompt each Wednesday and a Creativity Prompt each Friday.

Going back to regular posting after a long pause isn’t easy. This quote by Philip Gulley has inspired me to do so:

Too many times we pray for ease, but that’s a prayer seldom met. What we need to do is pray for roots that reach deep into the Eternal, so when the rains fall and the winds blow, we won’t be swept asunder.

To that I will add these three pointers – that has been helping me time and again:

  • Breathe. The long pause has fed the monster of self doubt and self criticism and it planted fear and overwhelmingness inside us. A deep breathe will cleanse the poison and calm us down.
  • Lose the negativity. After we have washed away the toxicity we should take care of the monster’s long arms: shame, fear, high expectations and perfectionism. We can banish those calamities by filling ourselves with belief, self acceptance and permission to simply be.
  • Find focus and thrill. Our body is clean and is radiating with positivity. Now is the time to take a moment, contemplate. Find what drives us. Rekindle our passion and focus on everything that is good about our path which we came back to and started striding on again.


Have you ever felt ‘Life happening’ at full steam? What helped you to go back to your normal routine? Please share by leaving a comment on this post.