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Happy Announcement: I Am On Karla Dudley’s Creative Team + Small Comforts…

March 11th, 2010 by Avital

Small Comforts

[Karla Dudley Designs: Capture + Record, Silly Lines Green, Rub On Essentials 1 and Alpha Stickers 2; Font: Erika Ormig]

You have probably noticed how much I LOVE Karla Dudley‘s designs. I have been using her gorgeous products in my digital layouts for a long while – they are classically stylish and if a “hard copy” line had been offered, I would probably buy it too…

You can only imagine my delightful surprise when she said she was looking for designers for her CT. I just couldn’t believe my own eyes.

I am beyond happy for making it to the talented CT of the uber talented Karla.

Journaling Prompt

This layout is all about small comforts.

In my journaling I wrote:

When I was a young girl I used to think I needed to be a princess living in a crystal palace located on a rainbow in order to feel grateful. Now I know all I need are tea and cookies.

Like their name suggests small comforts are the little things that make us go “ahhhh…”.
The small things that make us feel serene and happy and thankful.
Jot down what are your small comforts. I assure you that acknowledging them alone would already make you feel this much better.

[Go here for the digital tip on how to create an outline image of your brush or png. image]


What are your small comforts? Leave a comment and share your delights with me. Please… 🙂
I love hearing from you guys.

Stay tuned for some more free journaling labels.

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6 Comments to “Happy Announcement: I Am On Karla Dudley’s Creative Team + Small Comforts…”

  1. Karla Dudley says:

    I;m so very honored to have you! Thanks so much for everything that you have done and for being such a sweetheart! I hope you have a blast!!!

    Love the layout!!!!!…gosh it’s cute!


  2. EssenseVibez says:

    hey–congratz on making the team—i can’t wait for us to get busy with Karla’s kits—remain blessed!

  3. rani says:

    Again!!! Congrats on the making Karla’s team! I have to ask you, how or what template did you use to create those rounded tip corners in the small comforts layout? I love that look!

    • Avital says:

      Thanks, Rani. I actually made the shape my self by merging a severe rounded rectangle with a couple small squares.

  4. Kathy says:


    And double, triple, quad thanks. I found the rest of your journaling givaways!

    Take Care