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Journaling Prompt #27 – Record Your Favorite Playlists

November 26th, 2008 by Avital

[Photo by: Ira Mejías, on Flickr.]

Music is a powerful tool. It can change your mood. It can convey a message of love. It can walk you through memory lane. It can get you into the holiday spirit. It can make you dance or sing along. Music is powerful indeed. This is why I believe it is important to make a note of your favorite playlists.

This week’s journaling prompt is to jot down several of your favorite playlists.

You can break your journaling down by the following tags:

  1. 10 of your all time favorite songs.
  2. Your favorite childhood songs.
  3. The songs that most remind you your family.
  4. Your favorite holiday playlist.
  5. Top 10 love songs.
  6. Songs that makes you go ahhhhh… What do you listen to when you want to RELAXXXXX?
  7. Which were the most favorite songs you’ve listened to in the past week?

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You can learn some more about my favorite music from my Last.FM profile and see for yourself how eclectic a playlist can be…

Now it’s your turn to share, leave a comment and share some favorite tunes with me.

Feel free to copy & paste the above “tag-list” to your own personal blog, just don’t forget to mention this post for good measure 😉

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One Comment to “Journaling Prompt #27 – Record Your Favorite Playlists”

  1. I enjoy listening to soft rock on the radio, but I don’t really have a play list…