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Note The Changes Over A Period Of Time – Journaling Prompt

Sunday, February 14th, 2010

Note The Changes In A person

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Journaling Prompt

I have recently come back from a visit back home. This time it’s been over a year since my last visit and a lot have changed. I was astonished by all the changes.

Some changes are subtle and creep up on you very slowly.

Such is a crack in the cement and a peeling of the wall and stains that keep on expanding until you climb up the staircase you used to climb on throughout your childhood and you cannot recognize it anymore. It looks old and disengaged. It became alien.

Such are wrinkles that add up one by one, until the wrath or love of time is boldly noted.

Having said that, some changes are rapid. They usually occur in children. A baby becomes a child.

In this layout I documented the changes in my youngest nephew: Ori (Who will be celebrating his 4th birthday this week). Ori is Asaf‘s brother. This is what the journaling reads:

A lot have changed during the year I’ve been away. His glamorous red curls have been cut down. His beautiful brown eyes were framed in glasses (bandaged after numerous accidents in kindergarten). However, two things remain exactly the same: the pacifier in his mouth and the wonderful spirit in his kind and warm little heart. I love Ori. A lot.

Document the changes you note in something or in someone after a long period of time you haven’t seen it or him.

Sometimes a day can be a long period of time and sometimes only after a decade changes start to become apparent.


Have you been startled by a change lately? share your thoughts by leaving a comment. I really want to hear so please share.

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Journaling Prompt – Record Your Personal Change Of Seasons

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009
Change Of Seasons
[Photo by: Aunt Owwee @Flickr]

Sometimes I look at the four seasons – summer, fall, winter and spring – as Mother Earth’s clothing. The change of season sets a change in both the color palette and the texture (fabric) of its couture.

Fall is extremely colorful with a warm palette and a thick coat of loose foliage, nonchalantly covering all surfaces. Just like a woman with long curly hair whose hair falls down naturally on her shoulders.

Winter brings in a cooler palette. In some places the gray hues tones are ruling in a classic tailored suit and in others earth wears a festive and glistening white dress – like a bride flaunting her pristine beauty at her groom.

Comes spring and the artistic spirit of Mother Earth is revealed along with the appearance of flower buds. Vibrant and colorful and beautiful, filled with anticipation, a song is sung in her broad heart – like a carefree muse.

During the summer, Mother Earth strips off of all the color and heaviness of the year and gets ready to absorb warm sunshine rays – like a beautiful diva, wearing her swimsuit and tanning at the beach.

While observing the change of seasons I have noticed that I change along with them.

The spring wakes me up, brings color to my cheeks and prepares me for the summer – my favorite of all seasons. As the air gets cooler and the leaves are changing their color and fall I begin to dread the winter with its rainfalls and darkness, which makes me feel lethargic and wish I could stay under the covers all day long.

I know for a fact that many people are the exact opposite of me.

Some enjoy the purity of winter and cringe to the thought of the frying rays of sun.

What about you?

Record your personal change of seasons.

How do you change in a course of a year? When are you the happiest and when do you wish the season should end before it started? When do you feel most prolific and efficient? Have you noticed any change?

You can take this opportunity to look at your personal seasons on a larger scale. Have you noticed a certain cycle in your life? Can you compartmentalize your life to clear-cut periods that shows significant change in your life, your personality, your growth?


How do you change in a course of a year? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment on this post.