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A Fleeting Moment In Time

Monday, August 29th, 2011

fleeting moment

[Digital washi tape: by Karla Dudley; The rest of the elements are by me…]

I wrote these words as a comment on a blog post on Write. Click. Scrapbook and thought I must share the memory and actual photo with you guys!

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Creativity Prompt – Capture Happiness Through The Lens

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Capture Happiness Through The LensThere are many ways to tell a story with our design and with our journaling. However the story telling begins while we stand behind the camera and capture a still moment. The lighting, the angle, the composition all take part in portraying our story.

I have not yet included a photography prompt on Creativity Prompt, but I plan on including many more. Please let me know what you think about it!

This week’s photography prompt is to take a photo that conveys happiness.

I took this photo of my niece, Tsuf, last November while I was visiting home. Let me count the ways this photo communicate “happiness” to me:

  • It reminds me of my visit back home. Being with my family always means happy times for me.
  • This photo also helps me remember how delighted my niece was to see me after a long period of time I had been away (…and now it’s been even longer). When I look at her in this picture I recall the warm hug and the soft kiss she gave me a few minutes before when she entered my parents’ house.
  • Looking at my niece with her broad smile, dancing and having fun in the middle of my parents’ living room reminds me of me at her age – just looking for ways to have fun and be happy. The happiness of children is always the brightest!


Please link to your happy pictures – either leave a comment here, use the contact form or start a new thread on the Creativity Prompt Flickr Group!!!

I’d love for you to share your happiness.


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