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The 10 Best Creativity Prompts of 2008

January 9th, 2009 by Avital


Following my last post of the 10 best Journaling Prompts of 2008, comes a list of the best Creativity Prompts of last year. The list includes both tutorials and general prompts that during 2008 have spruced up the creative juices and were particularly popular among my dear readers.

so, without any fuss or delay, the “best of” award goes to:

  1. Trash into treasure
    Creativity Prompt #6 – Turn Your Trash Into Treasure
  2. Hardbound journal
    Creativity Prompt #8 – Making Your Own Hardbound Journal
  3. Guided Album
    Creativity Prompt #16 – Guided Album
  4. Accordion Spine Album
    Creativity Prompt #21 – Making An Accordion Spine Album
  5. “One-Sheet” Mini Album
    Creativity Prompt #22 – The “One-Sheet” Mini Album
  6. Cards and Envelopes Set
    Creativity Prompt #23 – Cards & Envelopes Set
  7. Complete A Scrapbook In One Weekend
    Creativity Prompt #25 – How To Complete A Scrapbook In One Weekend
  8. Card Set Holder
    Creativity Prompt #26 – Card Set Holder
  9. Decoupage
    Creativity Prompt #28 – The Art Of Decoupage
  10. Altered Board Book
    Creativity Prompt #32 – Alter A Chipboard Children’s Book

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I hope this list of Creativity Prompts has inspired you.

What was your personal favorite prompt?

What type of prompts do you like to see more of in this site?

Leave a comment and share your likes, as well as dislikes. I would be really happy to hear your opinions.

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