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The Bare Bones Of A Travel Journal

November 17th, 2010 by Avital

Today I just wanted to share my on-the-go travel journal for my next vacation in Hawaii.

The idea and the reason it came about were easier for me to explain on video, so here it is:

[Go here to watch on YouTube and while there, please rate, comment and subscribe.]

Feel free to download the travel journal page as well as the back page for your own personal use and enjoyment. [To download right-click on each link and opt for the “save target as” option.]

[P.S. You can find the flat package of mini glue dots here]


Are you planing on going somewhere special soon? Do you travel for the holidays? How do you collect your travel memories?

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6 Comments to “The Bare Bones Of A Travel Journal”

  1. It’s always so nice to see you…great video, your album looks amazing but I can see why that would be a monumental task! Congrats on finishing it!
    The funny thing is that i just finished my travel journal last week, I’ve given up trying to add pictures and mementos directly in my travel diaries so now I devote the little bit of free time to keeping the memories by writing every thing in a moleskine.

    • Avital says:

      Thank you!

      A moleskine is a great idea too, but I wanted something that can be easily transformed into a full on mini album afterwards.

  2. bonnierose says:

    love it… I recently made a mixed media art journal for our trip we took to Tybee Island this past Aug, u can see pics here,

  3. EssenseVibez says:

    you are so beautiful Avital!—i love your journals!