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Journaling Prompt – Chicken Soup For The Soul OR Healing Food

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Chicken Soup For The Soul OR Healing FoodSoon after I finally got rid of my allergies and sunburns I came down with a nasty flu. Extreme times call for extreme measures so I called my parents and retrieved my mom’s chicken soup recipe. The miraculous flu medicine of all times.

After bringing 8 cups of water with 1 onion, 1 butternut squash and 2 chicken thighs and shins to a boil, the recipe calls for 2 hours of simmering over low heat.

During those 2 hours the entire house was filled with scents which magically brought me back to Thursdays on my parents’ house, while my mom was getting ready for the sabbath and getting all the cooking done.

I was already starting to feel better, there and then, while waiting for the chicken and vegetables to leave their healing essence in the water.

After the soup was ready, following my mom’s instructions, I added fresh minced ginger and garlic and a handful of fresh spinach leaves and some chopped spring onions with a sprinkle of parsley leaves.

The soup was very fragrant. Flavored by all the fresh ingredients with just a dash of salt and pepper.

One spoonful and my head was less pounding, my nose less stuffed, my throat less dry and my bones less aching. Finally I felt good enough to take a long nap, without getting up every minute to wipe my nose… One spoonful was better than all the 1000mg capsules of vitamin C I was taking ever since my nose started to feel funny on Friday.

This is the story of my healing food. What is yours?

For this week’s journaling prompt document your healing food – the dish that instantaneously makes you feel better.

  • What food comforts you? What dish can heal your ailment?
  • What is the recipe?
  • Who did you get the recipe from? Is it a part of your family’s tradition?
  • What is the magical healing power of the dish?
  • When do you eat it?
  • Does the process of making this food heal as well?
  • Does it bring back any healing memories?
  • How does it smell? What does it taste like?


I shared my healing food with you, share yours by leaving a comment on this post.

I would LOVE to hear about your comfort food.

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