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Journaling Prompt – Your Freedom (and a $50 Gift Card Giveaway)

Wednesday, April 8th, 2009
[Photo by: H. Koppdelaney]

Today is Passover’s Eve. The Jewish people are celebrating their freedom. I think it is a great opportunity to explore our freedom today. To think what makes us “free” or what do we need more (or less) of in our lives to set us free.

What freedom do we seek? Is it financial freedom in the current recession? Is it freedom of love? Freedom of thought? Freedom from an oppressive workplace?

What tools do we need in order to obtain our desired freedom? Do we need some more courage? Do we want some less responsibilities? Do we need to take an initiative and leave or maybe to regroup again?

For this week’s journaling prompt lets explore our freedom or our yearning for freedom.

  • Do you feel you are living your life as a free person?
  • What aspects in your life makes you feel free?
  • How would you define your freedom? What does being free means to you?
  • In which facets do you feel deprived of your freedom? What would you like to change? What can you change right now?
  • Where do you seek your freedom? (Finance. Romance. Friendships. Traveling. Education. Career. Family. Art. Religion. Nationality. Physical abilities.)
  • What traits can help you become more freestanding?
  • What traits do you already have to assist you in finding your freedom?
  • Describe a life absent of any constraint. How would living those life feel like?

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Inspiration Prompt – Is Freedom Manifested By Choice?

Monday, April 6th, 2009

In the coming Wednesday I will be celebrating Passover’s eve. Basically we are celebrating the release of the Israelites from the ancient Egyptian’s slavery. Sadly, the Israelites were not the only enslaved people. All through history – and in the present time as well – many people are enslaved by other people.

Penal servitude is an obvious situation where a person loses his human rights, but there are so many other kinds of servitude. For example taking the right to vote or the right to obtain higher education from a person also hinders his freedom.

For this week’s inspiration prompt I would like you to ponder along with me whether freedom by itself can be enslaving? An interesting notion to get our wheels rolling up there…

In Nineteen Eighty Four George Orwell describes an extreme situation in which slavery is considered freedom. In this book it is a corrupted slogan, but perhaps some aspects of it are true?

Psychologist Barry Schwartz is suggesting that perhaps more is actually less and maybe freedom is not manifested by choice, but to the contrary. I have recently listened to his fascinating talk on TED and would like to share it with you and hear your thoughts about it:

Share –

Does choice cultivate our freedom or taking away from it? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment on this post.

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