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Inspiring Journaling Prompt – Write With an Up-Side-Down Point of View

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009

I would like to share an inspiring video I’ve stumbled upon on You Tube. The video conveys the story of a kid who insisted on adopting an uplifting point of view despite what “the experts” and his “social environment” said. An excellent and inspiring story:

Are you as inspired as I was after watching it? I am sure you are!

Now, inspired by this wonderful video, grab your journal and portray an up-side-down point of view. The kind of view that sees a smiling face instead of a sad one. The kind of view that sees the little things and tries to ponder about how things miraculously work. The kind of view the boy had that made him so special – and so controversial.

Try to communicate the same point of view from behind the camera – Try new angles, new lighting, new settings, zooming in a bit more – try to view the world differently.

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Journaling Prompt #11 – Picking The Less Obvious Point Of View -or- Being The Devil’s Advocate

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

I grew up in an affectionate and liberal household. My sisters and I were raised upon the virtues of love and respect and in my humble opinion, these are great values to grow up by.

I was taught that these values are measured not in times of peace but in times of war and despair. This life lesson is not easy to put into practice, but I am trying to follow it, the best way I can. I have found lately that writing can help me to follow through and practice love and respect in times of frustration and anger.

When you stumble upon a grave injustice in life, it is natural to get mad and let all the dark hatred loose. It is easy to see the wrongs and the faults in a vicious act – because it is wrong. It is much more difficult to look at the evil act through the eyes of the evil who has done it. Trying to find a purpose or a reason to something which is beyond understandable to us. Caution is essential, as you are going down a slippery slope here. You are not supposed to find justice in a bad deed. You are not supposed to accept it and understand it but you can look at it with a different set of eyes.

I find that writing about a horrible act of viciousness from the eyes of the villain can help me discharge my anger and inherent hatred. Mostly I feel better after that exercise for two main reasons:

  1. First, I am free to write whatever I wish, so I can give the villain a proper background that can somehow explain why he did what he did (abuse, indoctrination… etc.) and I can also take care that the villain receives a due punishment.

  2. Second, I can check out my own moral compass. By finding it extremely difficult to sink down the villain’s abysses I can see that my own moral compass is intact.

This week’s journaling prompt is to write about something extremely wrong which has happened recently from two different perspectives – your own perspective and the villain’s perspective.

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