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Mission Accomplished – Journaling Prompt

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Mission Accomplished

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We often take extra responsibilities and engagements upon ourselves and the extra burden is noticeable. We “sacrifice” all our free time and we feel stressed and overstretched.

However, these experiences enrich our life and provide the sweetest taste we can ever taste in our lifetime – the taste of accomplishment. The taste of finally being done with our “extracurricular activity” and marking the big fat ‘v’ on our to-do list.

Take heed of these accomplishments. Whether they’re big or small – every accomplishment is worth documenting and the real value of some of these accomplishments can only be revealed over time – so notice and document them.

In this layout I documented the end of a course my husband took at Stanford University. The course was intensive with a ton of assignments and responsibilities – while working full time for Google – and the sweet taste of getting through it (with an ‘A’) has been just as intense…


Have you had a sweet accomplishment lately? Do you usually journal or mark your accomplishments in any way? Share by leaving a comment on this post.

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Inspiration Prompt – Work Hard And Plant A Seed In The World

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Plant A Seed In The World The harder you work to achieve something, the deeper is the imprint your achievement is going to leave.

If something comes easily to you, the slightest piece of criticism or a snappy remark can shatter your confidence and destroy your sense of accomplishment. Deep inside you may think that if you didn’t make a real effort, maybe your deed isn’t so great after all.

However, after you worked hard to accomplished something – no one will be able to take that accomplishment away from you. No one will be able to belittle your success and make you doubt your merit.

The seed you have planted has rooted and you KNOW you have achieved something GREAT.

Have a fabulous day!


Leave a comment and share your thoughts on owning your great accomplishments.

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Journaling Prompt #16 – Impossible Achievements

Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

You can do anything you set your mind into doing. I know you can.

There are many times when you (and I) are questioning our abilities and not realizing how powerful we really are. In these days stories of heroes like Dick & Rick Hoyt, a father and son also known as “Team Hoyt”, can motivate us and remind us that we can!

I was about to write a different prompt, but the Hoyt story had inspired me so much that I decided to change my original journaling prompt for today. I wanted you to be as inspired as I have been.

Tremendous achievements like this one of the Hoyt Team are keeping us in awe, but we must not forget our achievements – small ones and big ones alike. Our own achievements throughout the years can not only inspire us on bad days and respark our motivation, but can also inspire our posterity. Both objectives are important enough for us to take the time and write down our accomplishments.

This week’s journaling prompt is to make a note of our achievements.

5 Ways To Keep Track Of Your Achievements:

  1. Make a list. Jot down a simple list of all your accomplishments. List everything that comes in your mind. Do not belittle any of the things. Do not criticize them and do not consider whether anything is worthy of being listed. If you have done something that pops into your mind when you are thinking about you life’s accomplishments, than it belongs there.
  2. Use a time line. Different stages in life call for different challenges and also bring along different achievements. Make a simple thematic, as well as chronological, time-line. From childhood/through your teens/college/university/career/family and so on. Let the time line guide you through memory lane and write what where your achievements on each step. This process can provide an interesting outlook on life and on your personal development.
  3. Concentrate on 3 main achievements. Personally, I prefer to remember both small and big achievements. Many times things which are considered small now can take a turn later on and become much more appreciated. However, if writing down your entire history of achievements sounds too tiring and time consuming, than concentrating on the major ones is better than nothing. Think about 3 things that you are most proud of and write everything you can remember about them. Choosing just 3 accomplishments enables you to take your time and thoroughly document all the relevant details as well as the emotions which were involved – before/during and after the deed. Don’t forget to also mention how did that personal success contribute to you on the long run.
  4. Write a letter. Try a different take on commemorating your greatest accomplishments. You do not have to actually send those letters, but the different format might yield different set of emotions and a new perspective that you may appreciate afterward.

    • Write a letter to yourself. That method works well with recent accomplishments that you might forget in the future. Write down one major thing that you are proud of or a list of your recent accomplishments and mail it to yourself or tack it in a place you don’t frequently go to. You will be happy with the boost of confidence you will get once you reopen that letter.
    • Write a letter to your child or to your future child. In the letter include some of your main accomplishments. Describe the struggle you had experienced in achieving them and how the process itself, as well as the end result, had helped you to evolve.
    • Write a letter to the people on your journey. Write a letter to the supportive husband, friend or colleague who had helped you to achieve what you have achieved. Write how much you appreciate their help and support. Write a letter to someone who stood in your way. Write to your boss or to a former boss who did not believe in you and brag.
  5. Start a habit of awareness. One of the first posts on Creativity Prompt called for paying attention to “the little things” in life. If you haven’t done it already, adopt a new habit of awareness today. Start or finish each day with journaling about all the things you have achieved that day (or the day before). Write everything down and amaze yourself with how well you have actually done. Writing down everything from the day you were born may be overwhelming, but don’t let this staggering feeling stop you from starting a new habit from now on. After all – you deserve it.

What are your greatest accomplishments? Is it the little things in life or the huge successes that you are mostly proud of? Please share your thoughts with me and leave a comment.

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