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Video Tutorial – How To Make A Mini Book Out Of Soap Wrap

Monday, September 13th, 2010

Recycled Mini Book

The Story

You know how much I love recycling and turning my trash into treasure so it’s no surprise that I came up with this project after my bathroom got filled with empty boxes of soap.

When Amy from Mod Podge Rocks e-mailed me and asked if I wanted to use some of the Plaid products on my future projects I knew this mini book idea would be perfect for the test run. The funny thing is that just before Amy e-mailed me, I already bought a huge bottle of Mod Podge Gloss for paper just the week before so I had a chance to try out 2 other products that got sent to me by the company: Mod Podge Hard Coat and Mod Podge Sparkle.

I really, really, really loved the Mod Podge Hard Coat. I initially chose it for another project. I accidentally ruined a set of coasters I had and thought the Hard Coat formula will be perfect to restore them. However I used this as a top coat for the mini book and it is amazing. It is a bit thicker than the original formula and it dries clear into a hard coat (just as its name suggests…) that seals the cover and secure the binding of the book. I really recommend this for book makers.

The Sparkle formula has fine glitter in it and it adds a fun glittery top coat to any surface. What i like about it is that it adds the glitter without the mess that usually goes with it… You just need to apply it with a foam brush and the glittery particles doesn’t rub off of it after it dries up.

The recycled mini book can be made out of any box, of any size, so I purposefully left out exact measurement, so you can use the same technique on any empty box that comes your way.

So if you feel like playing along and learn how to make this recycled mini book, keep on reading.

Tools and Supply

This project uses MINIMAL supply, as it’s mostly recycled.

How To

[Go here to watch on YouTube and while there, please rate, comment and subscribe.]

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Flatten the box by carefully disconnecting the connecting flaps at the bottom and inside the box. You may also use a craft knife for that.
  2. Use your scissors to cut off the flaps, as well as the inner flap and the short edge attached to it, so you are left with 3 sections: 2 cover sections and a spine, already creased for you…
  3. Measure the width and height of the cover sections and the spine and cut pieces of patterned paper at the same size for the cover. If you want to conceal the binding you will need one piece the size of the cover section and the other size larger by the width of the spine plus an additional inch. If you choose to conceal the binding, adhere the outer cover papers at the end.
  4. Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the cover section and the spine, lay the pattern paper on top of it and apply an additional layer of Mod Podge on top to seal it off. Put it aside to dry.
  5. Take a plain copier paper, the same width and height of the spine and mark 3 horizontal lines on it – one at the center and two additional ones, about an inch apart. If you work on a larger box, you may want to add more lines, equally separated from each other.
  6. Next mark equally separated vertical line, each line stands for one signature. I used 5 signatures, so I drew 5 vertical lines, one at the center and the rest in ¼” intervals.
  7. Cut your signature inserts to double the width of the cover section and the same height and fold each signature of paper inserts in half.
  8. Line up the paper guide with the inner crease of the signature and poke holes on the crease next to each of the 3 horizontal lines. these holes will help later with the binding process.
  9. After the inner cover is layered with paper with a base and top coat of Mod Podge and completely dry, line up the paper guide with the inner spine and poke a hole at each of the intersections of the horizontal lines with the vertical lines.
  10. Start binding the signatures together. Take the first one, insert the needle through the center hole and into the center hole of the signature, than to the upper hole and back from the bottom hole, into the center hole to the outer cover – repeat on all the signatures.
  11. Once you finish binding all the signatures together, weave the thread through the center line of threads until it meets the initial loose end and tie them together in a tight knot. Cut the excess thread and tidy up the knot to look as smooth and straight as possible.
  12. Lastly, apply a layer of Mod Podge Top Coat on top of the outer cover and the spine, it will secure the binding as well. You may also apply an additional layer of Sparkle Mod Podge if you want a fun glittery finish to your mini book.
  13. Enjoy!!!


If you have any question, suggestion or remark – don’t hesitate to contact me – either leave a comment here, use the contact form or start a new thread on the Creativity Prompt Flickr Group!!!

I would also be very happy to see your own creations, so don’t be shy and share 🙂

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Book Review: The Skinny On Creativity

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Michael Cassidy of Rand Media Co. and asked whether i would like to receive a pre-released copy of “The Skinny On Creativity” for review.

This book is part of a series of publications entitled “The Skinny On”.

To better understand the idea behind this series, let me quote from the introduction to the book:

“In our time-starved and information-overload culture, most of us have far too little time to read. As a result, our understanding of important subjects often tends to float on the surface – without the insights of writings from thinkers and teachers who have spent years studying these subjects.

Our series is intended to address this situation. Our team of readers and researchers has done a ton of homework preparing our books for you. We read everything we could find on the topic at hand and spoke with the experts. Then we mixed in our experiences and distilled what we have learned into this skinny book for your benefit.”

The book “The Skinny on Creativity” is no different.

It is well written in a very clear and concise way.

At first glance I thought the book is too simplistic because of its unique style. However, I quickly understood the book is designed to be perceived differently by each individual who reads it.

I can either read the snippets as they are conveyed and move on quickly or I can pause after reading each notion to ponder and contemplate about it.

In other words, I can read it either very fast or very slowly, depending on what I wish to get out of this book and I absolutely love it. Not to mention that I may want to read it slowly at first but have the option to go through it quickly later on.

Before writing my own book, “Unleashing The Creative Child Within You”, I conducted an extensive research on creativity. I read a ton of books and essays and covered the subject of creativity from A to Z. Therefore the ideas presented in the book The Skinny On Creativity were not new to me, but still I could find a fresh outlook on these ideas by the connections the author made between them and the order he decided to put them on.

I also enjoyed the humor the author injected to the otherwise very theoretical book. It made my reading much more joyful and several times it led me to an entirely different outlook on the subject matter.

In Short

I think this book is perfect for someone who is looking for an extensive overview on the subject of creativity but without having the time for the extensive reading required.

In addition, the wittiness and pithiness of the book are very inspiring and were actually honing my creativity while I was reading it. I kept coming up with new project ideas which is always a delightful characteristic in a book on creativity.


Have you read any of the “The Skinny On” books? If so, what did you think about them?
Have you read another good book lately that you’d like to recommend? Please share by leaving a comment on this post.

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Inspiration Prompt and a Giveaway

Monday, September 1st, 2008

I am delighted to announce the release of my first e-book: Unleashing The Creative Child Within You. This e-book is a result of my own journey to find and reconnect with my inner creative child. I invite you to join me on this journey so you too will be able to spark your inner creative child.

September the 1st is the perfect timing for starting a new learning expedition. Nothing provides such a refreshing boost like learning something new. It helps to open your mind to new methods and get inspired by the new possibilities – limited only by your own power of thought.

Without further ado I invite you to embark on a journey which will take you back to a state of creativity abundance, the same state you had had as a child.

  • Discover what have happened to your creative self.
  • Find out what inhibiting forces are intimidating your inner creative child.
  • Learn how to overtake these forces and spark your own creativity.
  • Read about the special traits that will help your creative self flourish.
  • Unleash your inner creative child by following ten simple exercises and enjoy your overflowing creativity.

Please feel free to read more about my new e-book. I am sure you will benefit from my e-book and it will help your creativity soar in ways you had never imagined were possible anymore.

For a chance to win a free copy of my e-book, leave a comment to this post with some feedback on my blog. You may comment until September 13th 20:00 (GMT) and the happy winner will be announced on September 14th.

Have a great weekend!!!