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New Release…

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

KD Tweet KD For The Boys KD Frame Essentials

I have been IMPATIENTLY waiting for the release of these three beauties, so I can share them with you. These gorgeous digi staples are the result of an ingenious creative strike by Karla Dudley that I am sure you’ll be able to enjoy as much as I do!

I love the mesh, doodled frames and paint splashes on KD For The Boy.
I love the tasteful doodles on KD Tweet.
I love the versatility of KD Frame Essentials.

LOVE them all!

So far, I have been playing with the KD For The Boys kit (the only thing stopping me from playing with them all is my serious lack of time):

Smile Forever Layout

[Fonts: BlackJack, Century, Century Gothic, Rough_typewriter; Digital Kits: KD For The Boys, KD Digi Essentials, KD Faded Sentiments, KD Spring ’10 – all by Karla Dudley.]
All Boy Layout

[Font: BlackJack; Digital Kits: KD For The Boys by Karla Dudley.]

Journaling Reads:

I love the youthful spirit Asaf & Ori have.
In their minds they can conquer the world.
In their minds they are strong enough.
In their minds they are smart enough.
In their minds they are capable of anything.
If they keep this state of mind, they may drive their parents crazy, but they will…

November 2008

Unleashing The Creative Child Within You

A Blast From The Past – Revisiting Childhood

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

A Memory Is Born

[Font: KD Everyday; Digital Kits: KD Spring 10, KD Cardstock Essentials 1 – Both font and kits are by Karla Dudley]

This week my mother in law sent me a wonderful surprise e-mail with a fabulous attachment – a few pictures of Nadav as a 1 year-old. I was so happy to receive these pictures, that I have never seen and it combined wonderfully with Karla Dudley’s new release: Spring 10 Kits:

KD Spring '10KD Spring '10 miniBOOK

The vintage springy color palette was perfect for these old photos from the early Eighties and with Nadav’s FABULOUS golden hair. I only wish the quality of the scans was better, so I could have zoomed in and showcase his bright and big blue eyes.

Pictures are triggers of memories and the great thing about them is that you can never know what memories they will bring up. It always starts with the obvious scene that is showcased in the picture but the flight of imagination pushes you deeper and deeper into your past and reminds you of a person who used to be present but had passed away (such as Nadav’s grandfather, Israel, who’s shown here). It reminds you of a place you used to live in or visited often and may be gone or perhaps your memory of it is way different than the way it is right now. It may remind you of a favorite (or not so favorable) piece of clothing you used to wear. A hairstyle you used to have or a relative had. So many memories – one photo…

I remember the first time I revisited a park I used to spend hours in it while I was a kid. I was so disappointed. The humongous part in my head was nothing but a few hundred squared feet. How could I have spent hours playing hide and seek back then?

You see? I am already deep in “reminiscing mode”.

[Nadav, by the way, didn’t even recognize the small dude in the picture at first. So maybe it’s just a ladies’ thing, I don’t know…]


Have you had the chance to go through old pictures lately? What memories do they bring? Do you get “a blast from the past” too? Please. Do share. Just leave a comment. It’s easy and it makes my day.

Shimelle Digitals Blog Hop – New Release

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

I have Killed Spring

[Fonts: Bagad, Calibri; Digital Kits: Write It Down Negative Strips & Spring Time Basics by Shimelle Laine, Rhonna Botanical Swirls (brushes) by House of 3]

Write It Down :: Negative Frames Springtime Basics

In celebration of spring and the seasonable new release of Shimelle’s digital kits on Two Peas In A Bucket, the Baker’s Dozen have arranged a blog hop for you to admire the fabulous new kits and the work of the talented girls I am very happy to work with…

Spring is here, the weather is LOVELY, the flowers are in full bloom – but not at my place. I am ashamed to admit that I have killed spring at home.

How is it possible? I have no idea. But no plant had lived long enough to tell the story…

My journaling reads:

Despite my best intentions, I have killed my plants again. It started with the flowers and moved on to the unsuspecting basil. From there it went on to the lavender who suffered gravely and eventually gave up and welted. Looking at all the beautiful photos of people’s blooming gardens I am all envy. Spring has not sprung here as I have managed to kill spring. No flower or plant is blooming.

After you’ve seen spring’s antithesis in my layout, go on to Karen‘s amazing layout, where spring has definitely sprung….

In case you’ve lost your way on the layouts’ trail, here is the complete list:

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Happy St. Paddy’s Day

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

St. Paddy's Day in Dublin

[Fonts: Vegur, KD Everyday; Digital Kits: Digi Essentials, Cardstock Essentials 1, Rub On essentials – all by Karla Dudley]

Journaling reads:

St. Paddy’s Day festivities in Dublin were the happiest I have seen. The sun was untypically shining and the mood was elevated. Green was the dominant color and pride the dominant spirit. I love the Irish people, they have the best spirit in the whole wide world. Always happy. Always friendly. Always Irish 🙂

Quick Layout Share – Wonderful You

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Wonderful You

[Font: Rough Typewriter; Digital Kits: Karla Dudley Designs Brush Bucket 1, Karla Dudley Designs Trina, Karla Dudley Designs Capture + Record.]

I am very pleased to announce that the gorgeous CTBLOG that Karla Dudley has created and designed (hence it’s being stunning) is up and running. Go ahead and treat yourself to all the eye candy + a video tutorial by Karla on drop shadows.

Make Your Own Planner Workshop
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Happy Announcement: I Am On Karla Dudley’s Creative Team + Small Comforts…

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Small Comforts

[Karla Dudley Designs: Capture + Record, Silly Lines Green, Rub On Essentials 1 and Alpha Stickers 2; Font: Erika Ormig]

You have probably noticed how much I LOVE Karla Dudley‘s designs. I have been using her gorgeous products in my digital layouts for a long while – they are classically stylish and if a “hard copy” line had been offered, I would probably buy it too…

You can only imagine my delightful surprise when she said she was looking for designers for her CT. I just couldn’t believe my own eyes.

I am beyond happy for making it to the talented CT of the uber talented Karla.

Journaling Prompt

This layout is all about small comforts.

In my journaling I wrote:

When I was a young girl I used to think I needed to be a princess living in a crystal palace located on a rainbow in order to feel grateful. Now I know all I need are tea and cookies.

Like their name suggests small comforts are the little things that make us go “ahhhh…”.
The small things that make us feel serene and happy and thankful.
Jot down what are your small comforts. I assure you that acknowledging them alone would already make you feel this much better.

[Go here for the digital tip on how to create an outline image of your brush or png. image]


What are your small comforts? Leave a comment and share your delights with me. Please… 🙂
I love hearing from you guys.

Stay tuned for some more free journaling labels.

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Check out Creativity Prompt’s self paced workshop: “Capture Your Dream”. In this workshop you will capture, follow and make your dream come true as well as document your journey in a mixed media mini album.

Mission Accomplished – Journaling Prompt

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

Mission Accomplished

[Fonts: Vegur, Popsies, VTPortableRemington Digital Kits: Shimelle Laine’s Write It Down Pretty Labels, Can’t Buy Me Love & Penned Words: Dates => all available at Two Peas In A Bucket.com; Karla Dudley’s Digi Essentials and Blakey, both available at the Digi Chick Shop.]

We often take extra responsibilities and engagements upon ourselves and the extra burden is noticeable. We “sacrifice” all our free time and we feel stressed and overstretched.

However, these experiences enrich our life and provide the sweetest taste we can ever taste in our lifetime – the taste of accomplishment. The taste of finally being done with our “extracurricular activity” and marking the big fat ‘v’ on our to-do list.

Take heed of these accomplishments. Whether they’re big or small – every accomplishment is worth documenting and the real value of some of these accomplishments can only be revealed over time – so notice and document them.

In this layout I documented the end of a course my husband took at Stanford University. The course was intensive with a ton of assignments and responsibilities – while working full time for Google – and the sweet taste of getting through it (with an ‘A’) has been just as intense…


Have you had a sweet accomplishment lately? Do you usually journal or mark your accomplishments in any way? Share by leaving a comment on this post.

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Holiday Greetings

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

To all my dear readers who celebrate Christmas today I wish a very merry Christmas. May your home be filled with joy and your day be merry and bright!

Let me share a layout I made with Shimelle Laine’s new digital kits, she has some fabulous new Christmas kits available at Two Peas In A Bucket:

At the Kitchen Table

[Font: Gulim; Shimelle kits: Penned Words: Dates; Wrap It Up Christmas Papers; Other kits: House of 3 – Heidi Swapp definitions + Rhonna Botanical Swirls]

Sweet Announcement – I Am On Shimelle Digitals Design Team

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

Shimelle Digitals - CupcakesI have no idea how I was able to contain myself until now, but I’ve made it somehow and now I can finally tell: I have joined Shimelle Laine‘s Design Team.

I will be doing both digital and hybrid projects, using Shimelle Digitals kits.

I love Shimelle. I have been a loyal follower ever since I took my first workshop with her: “Home Sweet Home” which was so awesome it almost immediately followed by another one: “My Freedom”.

I am thrilled to work with Shimelle’s fabulous kits alongside the extremely talented Baker’s Dozen, my teammates:

  1. Allison
  2. Anso
  3. Avital [Hey, it’s me…]
  4. Dolly
  5. Elisa
  6. Helen
  7. Karen c.
  8. Karen m.
  9. Kate
  10. Nadine
  11. Rani
  12. Sheri
  13. Yvonne

This is my first layout for Shimelle Digitals:

Childhood Dream Layout

In this layout I used only the Long and Winding Road Kit and Free Long and Winding Road Add On. Fonts: Clementine Script, VT Portable Remington and Berlin Sans FB; all available at Dafont.com.

Take a look at my teammates layouts (click on the links above) to see how they came up with 12 completely different and totally amazing layouts, all using the same kit!

I guess the possibilities are truly endless…

Keep your eyes open, I will be posting tutorials for some great hybrid projects using Shimelle Digitals kits.

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